Dr Sidney Edsall

Patricia Pop, MD

Clinical Research Rater

Patricia Pop works as a thorough and holistic psychiatrist with a passion for psychedelic medicine. In particular, she is interested in how these substances can work synergistically to deepen or accelerate psychotherapy and support healthy lifestyle changes. 

In addition to private practice, she is currently a candidate for this CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research Certificate, has completed Phase I COMPASS training for psilocybin therapy, and co-hosts introduction to ketamine seminars for therapists. She supports the ketamine assisted psychotherapy program at The Clinic in both training other clinicians and treating patients. 

Patricia is also a consultant for Alto Neuroscience, which is exploring neuroplasticity enhancing compounds. She has worked in a variety of care settings including inpatient hospitals, intensive programs, and collaboration with primary care. 

Patricia completed medical school at Columbia and psychiatric residency at Stanford. In residency, she elected additional training in psychotherapy including a fellowship with the Palo Alto Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program. She led a support group for women in science and engineering, pursued interventional training with TMS and ECT as well as in women’s mental health, OCD, trauma, and student health including gender, sexuality, and social justice courses.

Prior to medical school, she had worked in a variety of labs exploring emotion regulation, yoga’s effect on stress hormones in underserved communities, and the effects of mindfulness meditation on the physical brain.