A Vision to Improve the Well-Being of Humankind & the Planet.

Open Mind Collective was born out of a commitment to building a community of practitioners working together to serve at-risk populations in need of effective and accessible mental health treatments.

Our Services

Clinical Services

Accessible group-based models of psychedelic-assisted therapy


Quality psychedelic-assisted therapy research for community wellbeing


Psychedelic-assisted therapy trainings for health professionals

Meet The Team

We believe that through personal transformation, self-discovery and exploring our full potential we can affect meaningful change in those we serve. Beyond our own professional and clinical development, we, the founding members strive to guide our clients along their transformational journeys. Furthermore, we aspire to train and develop the next generation of psychedelic clinicians.

The OMC Vision of Healing

Our vision is to relieve individual human suffering to improve the well-being of humankind and our planet. Our mission is to conduct research, teach, and provide direct care using psychedelic medicine and other means to heal the minds and hearts of traumatized and vulnerable individuals and communities, alleviating transgenerational suffering.

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Thank you for your interest in Open Mind Collective. We look forward to connecting with you to answer any questions and discuss how you can be part of this exciting paradigm shift in mental health and flourishing.

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