Dr Sidney Edsall

Sidney Edsall, MD

Board Director

Director of clinical services


Dr Sidney Edsall is an Integrative Psychiatrist, with a particular focus in treating complex trauma and depression utilizing western medical modalities and eastern medical practices and philosophy.


Dr Sidney Edsall is the founder and medical director for Quantum Integral Healing Arts, a multidisciplinary and integrative mental health clinic in San Francisco. She is also a site physician at San Francisco Insight & Integration Center for the MAPS MAPP2 Phase 3 and USX clinical trials for MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD.

Dr. Edsall completed her psychiatric residency at Stanford in 2006. She has since worked in many medical settings to include private practice, San Mateo county outpatient and emergency services, UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences, Director of Behavioral Health Services at St Mary’s Hospital & Clinics, and Stanford’s Center for Integrative Medicine. She also spent 5 years in Italy and Germany working on US military bases with active duty US Army soldiers and family members suffering with mental health disorders.

She has written a book chapter and journal articles on the subjects of childhood trauma, sexuality, and self-efficacy and was a pre-clinical researcher and published in the field of neuropharmacology prior to medical school.